Cat Tail Butt Plugs | The Purrfect Addition To You Collection

  • by Makenzy Honing
Cat Tail Butt Plugs | The Purrfect Addition To You Collection

Cat Tail Butt plugs 

If you are at all a fan of butt plugs then you cant call your self a collector without having one if not a few cat tail butt plugs! Maybe even a vibrating cat taill butt plug too? I mean how can you have just one colour? the nights you feel classic you need to go with the classic and cute white tail butt plug and maybe throw in some cat ears to complete the look, and other nights when you are feeling more daring you have to choose black or grey cat tail butt plug! 

So, What colour cat tail butt plug should I choose? 

White Cat Tail Butt Plug

Great question, and its hard to know especially when there are so many options. Most cats will choose white or black cat tails, while some like to choose a orange tail but that is usually associated with fox tail butt plugs, and some will opt to be even more bright and choose a rainbow tail butt plug. 

How do I use a cat tail butt plug? 

Its easy, simply warm up the area apply your favorite anal lube to the butt plug and then slowly insert it!

And now you have a cute cat tail butt plug!

Well who knew having a cute cat tail butt plug was that easy?

Hmm you dont have any cat tail butt plugs?

No worries we have got you covered!

Here is our favorite white cat tail butt plug, if you are feeling a little more dark we also have this grey cat tail butt plug

Still not quite what you are looking for?

Rainbow Pony Tail Butt Plug

Ok then this Rainbow tail butt plug is for you!

Well I hope I helped to show you the way of the cat!

Rope Bunny Hunny



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